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Ashley Holt, Clinical Practice Educator (pictured below) successfully bid to the RCHT Research Charity Fund last year for £1k to cover the costs of the ‘Understanding Evidence to Inform Clinical Practice’ University of Plymouth module.

Undertaking the module required Ashley to create her own research question and then find the evidence to explore if a change in practice was needed. The chosen topic was inspired by discussions with orthopaedic clinician colleagues. It was felt there was little known about the optimum time to review and remove catheters in the elderly following hip surgery.

Ashley Holt

Once carried out, analysis of the research showed a change in overall practice would not be necessary. However, some of the data suggested that the removal of urinary catheters should be monitored more closely, and patient risk factors should also be taken into consideration. The project data also showed that it may be useful to change the hospital catheter care plan to align with the recommended review times.

Ashley said” The module was of great benefit to me as a Clinical Practice Educator for RCHT and for the patients that we care for. I learnt how to robustly analyse research papers and think critically when validating them to inform clinical practice.

The next step in this project is to take my findings to the Clinical School at RCHT and make plans to change the catheter care plans within the trust to ensure urinary catheters are being reviewed within a specific time frame of insertion and that there is a standard planned removal time.

I am keen to progress with this research project and will use my new knowledge and skills to make a positive change to the care of our patients here at RCHT.”

The Research Charity Fund (a fund of the Royal Cornwall Hospital Charity) is open to applications from all RCHT employees. If you are a member of staff interested in finding out more or making an application, please get in touch by emailing

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